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September 8, 1991 is the date when Macedonia proclaimed independence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

The City of Ohrid was home to one of the oldest universities in Europe created in the 8 Century AD.
Ohrid is a UNESCO city.
Mother Teresa (Agnes Gondza Bojadziu) was born in Skopje on August 26. 1910. She died on September 5, 1997.
The Macedonian mine “Alshar” on Kozuv mountain is the only world source of Thallium, and a potential 'mine' for ecological clean energy. Since 2004, the Alshar mine is a member of the "Emerald" network, an organization for protection of nature's rarities.
3 tectonic, 25 glacial and 15 artificial lakes and 34 mountains exist in Macedonia.
The Macedonian Capital Skopje was destroyed by an Earthquake in 1963 and rebuilt again by the international community.
Macedonia was admitted as the 181 member of the United Nations.
Ohrid - the European Jerusalem, the cultural capital of Macedonia,used to have 365 churches, one for each day of the year.
500,000 tourists visit the Republic of Macedonia in 2000. However this number has increased by 30% in 2011.
Vardar is the longest river 388 km long, flowing sluggishly and cutting Macedonia in two.
2,764 meters is the height of Golem Korab, the highest peak in Macedonia.
During the Second world war the Macedonian people fought on the side of the western allies against nazism in Europe. 
August 2, 1903-1944-Ilinden was the date when the Ilinden uprising occured and the Krushevo Republic was proclaimed in 1903 which lasted for 10 days. On 2 August 1944 the first modern Macedonian state was formed after the Second World War, at the First Plenary Session of ASNOM held in the monastery St. Prohor Pcinjski.
The Pesna Cave, near Makedonski Brod, as described in New York Times, is identical as the imagined caves in the trilogy Lord of the Rings.
Skopje plain seems to be inhabited at least for 7000-8000 years. The neolithic tomb in Madzari and the neolithic settlement found in the Skopje Kale fortress are proof of it.
Macedonia produces more than 135 milions litres of wine, 150 milions litres of rakija and 850 milions of beer per year, with a population of sligthly more than 2 milion.
The oldest lake in Europe and the deepest in the Balkan's - the Ohrid lake is 4 milion years old and has more than 200 endemic species.
One of the Titanic Survivors was a Macedonian. Stojko Dodolovski, from the village of Chucher (Skopje area), made a last second purchase of a ticket to the Titanic from a British priest. When the ship started sinking Stojko jumped into the ocean. He swam towards few of the rescue boats, but was not allowed to climb aboard. Stojko stayed calm and floated on the ocean until one of the rescue boats came back to look for survivors, several hours later. Stojko was one of the 12 survivors picked up.
According to NASA, Kokino is 4th on the list of oldest meghalithic observatories in the whole world, right after Abu Simbel Egypt, Stonehenge Great Britain, Angkor Wat Cambodia. However less known is Cocev Kamen near Kokino 4 milion years old and more contemporary than Kokino.
The smallest ethno museum in the world is located only 5 km on the northwest of Tetovo, in the picturesque village of Dzepciste and as such is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.
The annual Ohrid Summer Festival (mid-July to late August) is the major cultural event in Macedonia. Held in a well-preserved Roman amphitheater and in magnificent churches, it features classical music, jazz and ballet. An international festival of poetry is held in nearby Struga in late August.
Macedonia is the only place in Europe to have clearest rubies. How many of you have known that the city of Prilep has rubies, precious gemstones who can be seen on world catalogues. 
The most famous song in Palestine and today treated as an anthem of Palestine and the Arabic world is written by a Macedonian. Bitola journalist and writer Pande Manojlov wrote the theme in 1982 and published it in the Skopje daily 'Nova Makedonija'.
The oldest tree in Macedonia is the Platanus Orientalis in Ohrid. Whether a coincidence or not, the tree is growing since St. Clement of Ohrid period, in the 9th century.
The world famous Manaki brothers of Bitola won the first golden medal for cinematography in the Romanian city of Sinaia in 1905.
The first ZOO in the Balkans was opened in Skopje.
In the village of Vatasa in the not very distant 1838, a print store was opened, which is claimed to be first in the Balkans.